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Elements Motors

Elements Motors belongs to the holding company Elements World, which has been operating in the New Zealand tourism industry for more than 10 years,  helping thousands of backpackers explore New Zealand in different ways. 

Felipe Rebolledo started Elements World by providing daily surf lessons and tours from Auckland City. During the first two years, he met hundreds of backpackers telling him their plans, dreams and hopes. From all of this feedback, Felipe realised that there was a massive need for a reliable vehicle trader and specifically focused to help backpackers finding a reliable campervan/ car to explore the country without breaking down on their first week of travels. That’s how Elements Motors started!

From here he made it his mission to provide the best service to backpackers by creating innovative conversions and mechanically good vehicles at affordable prices. In the early days, he would convert the vehicles in the backyard of his house with the help of his partner and kids; presenting them in a carpark in Auckland city. After the first two years of successful operation he found two business partners, and from here they took Elements Motors to the next level by increasing the production and giving the customers the best offer they could possibly get. So far they have helped hundreds of backpackers start their journey with a safe and reliable vehicle.


Along the way, the team developed other business ventures. Elements Rentals, a campervan rental business helping short-term travellers explore our beautiful country, Elements Adventures providing day trips to Auckland’s West Coast and Elements Surf to introduce the lifestyle of surfing to everyday people.


Across all companies, our mission is to help travellers explore all New Zealand has to offer in different ways that suit their needs and budgets. 

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