To Rent or To Buy?

Your question is whether you should buy or rent a campervan. Well, that very much depends on a couple factors and we are here to help you out.

Few questions to ask yourself:

- How long am I staying?

- How much money am I looking to spend on transport?

- How flexible is my travel itinerary?

Length of Stay

Backpackers or travelers who are staying for longer periods of time, usually more than a month, are keen on buying a campervan as there are tremendous benefits that we’ll get to. On the other hand, if you’re only spending a month in the country, renting a campervan will reduce the cost and risk associated with ownership of a vehicle.

Figuring out how long you will be staying will be helpful in calculating the costs for both renting and buying.


It’s easy to calculate how much it will cost for renting a vehicle for that time being. The tricky part is figuring out the cost and returns for buying a vehicle. You must know that loss comes with buying a vehicle, because you are reselling a vehicle. You usually get a good amount back, but that can be affected by season. During high season, you can sell it for higher, while low season you will get less back. Figure out your acceptable loss rate, this’ll help you decide.

Do consider looking into companies with a Buy Back guarantee, it gives you a guaranteed amount for how much you get back. Back rates vary based on how long you have the vehicle, so be sure to check out the correct rate!

Pros: buying a campervan

Having your own campervan will let you have the liberty to choose where you want to go, when you want to go, even the most remote regions that this country is known for.

Campervan park/ Elements Motors

You have the freedom to stay at campgrounds scattered all around both the North and South Island. There are different tiers of campgrounds: holiday parks (fancy campgrounds), serviced campgrounds (with bathrooms and running water), and regular campgrounds (a plain open field). 100% Pure New Zealand is a great place to search for campgrounds and holiday parks around the country!

Campervan Day Plan/ Elements Motors