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Traveling New Zealand alone

Have you been dreaming about an epic adventure in New Zealand for ages but never got your friends or loved one enthusiastic about it? Well, leave them back home saving money or looking for the right moment to do it and come New Zealand on your own!

Traveling alone in New Zealand, so far from home, might feel a bit scary first but it's actually maybe the best place in the world to do it for the first time! Why, you may be wondering, and we will tell you!

1. It's safe

New Zealand is ranked one of the safest countries to travel. The tourism operators and public transportations have high safety regulations, the roads are mostly in a good condition and the country is peaceful.

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2. You're the boss

This might sound a bit selfish, but to get most of your travels in New Zealand, it's great to be selfish! You don't need to make any compromises or worry if you hurt someone's feelings by saying you don't want to do something they do. You'll also be the person who decides about the budget. When you know how much money you can spent, it's easy when you don't need to think about someone else's budget and does it fit yours. The feeling of freedom is amazing when you can make your own plans!

3. People

The locals are amazing! Kiwi people are very polite, friendly and always willing to help. Seriously. They love their country and want you to enjoy your staying too. So, don't be afraid to ask direction or ideas for places to go next.

In New Zealand there are many backpackers and lots of them are traveling the country alone too. Get to know people in hostels or backpackers parties an join the backpackers groups on Facebook. It's amazing how interesting conversations you can have if you just step outside your comfort zone and start talking to stranger next to you.

4. Find yourself

Sounds a cliché, but it's true and also a good thing about traveling alone. You'll have a lot of time to spent with just yourself, no disturb of family, friends or work. I bet you'll find new things about you! Coming away from your comfort zone and meeting new people will open your eyes and you'll grow as a person. And if you face some challenges, you need to solve them yourself, that's growing too.

Have you heard people saying how things changed after their solo travels? Maybe the things didn't change but they did.

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Photo from Startsat60.

For traveling around yourself, you can use many different transportations. You can have more information about that at Elements World Blog post "Ways to Travel New Zealand". We would recommend traveling by car so you can reach more remote places and don't need to think about timetables. If you want someone to share the fuel costs and keep you company, try the backpacker groups on Facebook. It's easy way to find people looking for rides and get new friends.

Are you worried you'll feel lonely if you go travel solo? You probably won't. As earlier said, there are many others doing their travels alone too. You're easier to reach when you don't have travel company and if you just start talking to strangers, you'll get new friends easily.

So stop hesitating and waiting for your travel company to find suitable dates and start planning your solo travels in New Zealand!

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