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For a limited time, we are offering an epic TRAVEL CREDIT DISCOUNT - so if you hold any unused plane, train, automobile or bus travel  credit* due to COVID-19, we will apply the same value as a discount to your Elements Motors campervan purchase (up to a value of $3,000 NZD*).
This is a win-win for you as you get an awesome discount on your Elements Motors camper and you don’t lose your original provider travel credit.
This is an 'act-now offer' for everyone looking to start their NZ adventure and start exploring all New Zealand has to offer. 

Ok, explain to me some more...

  • What can be claimed as credits?

 In a nutshell, any transportation that you have bought and will be unable to claim right away

 . any car hire

 . bus trips - being tours, public or hop-on hop-off

 . any flights - domestic and international

 . train


  • How do I prove my credit?

We want to make this as easy as possible. We need a receipt, or an e-mail confirmation from the travel company you have purchased your tour, or transport from.


  • When can I get my campervan?

We have more than 100 vehicles on stock to be collected right away. As soon as you decide which vehicle you want, we’ll have it ready for you.


  • Where can I get my vehicle?

Our Head Office/main depot is in New Lynn (Auckland), and we also have vehicles available in Christchurch.


  • Can I combine my credits with my friends’?

Yes, you can. We offer up to $1,000NZD per person as a credit discount. You can combine up to 3 people’s credits when buying a Large Camper, getting a discount of up to $3,000NZD.

I want to claim my travel credit and get a campervan!

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Why get an Elements Motors Campervan?

  • All Elements vehicles are mechanically inspected by VTNZ - New Zealand’s most prestigious and strict Warrant of Fitness provider. You’ll hit the road right away with peace of mind, and a safe vehicle, so you can enjoy the view - with no worries.


  • 5 Different Categories to choose from - Whether you travel alone, with your partner, or with a mate or two - we have you covered. You can add up to 3 people’s travel credits when buying one of our total self contained campers. This is the ultimate money-saving scheme!


  • Self-Contained Vehicles - New Zealand is safe, and most of our vehicles are self-contained ready. You’ll travel inside your home, saving in both accommodation and transport. We’ll show you the best spots in the country to park up, shower, shop, and enjoy nature. All at your doorstep.


  • Breakdown Warranty - In the very unlike chance of breakdown we’ll be there for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


  • Vehicle Insurance Available - In order to get you on the road right away we have very special insurance deals, which we’ll assist you in choosing the one that best suits you.


  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance for all vehicles - Flat tyre, dead battery? AA 24/7 roadside assistance will have your back and be ready to help at all times. 


  • Backpacker Ready with bed and all accessories included - Don’t worry about having to shop around for camping gear, all our vehicles include all necessary equipment to get you on the road from day 1. 


  • First Generation Campervans and Cars - All accessories and gear are brand new as well as the interior and design of our campers.


  • Buy Back Option - Extend your trip by not having to find a new buyer for your camper, we guarantee to buy back your vehicle for 50% of the original price.


  • Pre-Sale Option - Don’t waste precious time searching for a car when you arrive, we can have it ready for you for the first day of arrival, extending your New Zealand adventure. 


  • 7 Day week support - Our services go far beyond selling a vehicle, we will give you support throughout your trip, advising you and helping you with everything you need. 


  • Best Value for Money Travel in New Zealand - Travelling within your accommodation gives you the opportunity to save more to enjoy NZ’s best. Spending as little as $29 per week on transport and accommodation will make your money stretch way beyond Middle Earth...


Discounts on Tourism Attractions all over New Zealand. Elements World has partnered up with NZ’s most iconic attractions, and having one of our vehicles unlocks special discounts in any of them.



We’re a customer-focused and backpacker driven tourism company. Our aim is to help other backpackers have an amazing experience in this beautiful country, we have been in your shoes as our company have been founded by backpackers. 

We work with New Zealand’s most reputable agencies and brands. Over the years, we’ve helped literally thousands of backpacker to have a hassle-free experience and to safely find a reliable camper-van. Rather than toot our own horn about the thousands of travellers we’ve helped. Allow us to quote what others have said about us….

" We had a great experience with these guys! Bought a wonderful car (Toyota Estima; self-Contained) and drove through New Zealand.
After our trip, the buy-back is no problem! Just make sure you do the correct service! Special thanks to Mylo for your great help! "

                             Johannes Lüpnitz -

I want to claim my travel credit and get a campervan!

Awesome! Fill in the contact form and we'll get the process started for you.

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