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Find your new home on the road with Elements Motors

We believe the adventure is in discovering the road less traveled. New Zealand is one of the most stunning destinations in the world and we at Elements Motors are proud to help everyday backpackers find there home on the road. A mechanically reliable, safe and New Zealand tested camper that can take you to every corner of New Zealand.


We focus on quality and on-going care. Our range covers all types of vehicles and campers suitable for solo travelers and groups traveling together. Our packages include different options such as self-containment, warranty, buyback options and more. 


Here are some examples of the vehicles we stock. Please be aware that these are not the exact vehicles but are some of the main types we stock for our Element Motors sales. Medium, Large and Above categories are Self-Contained vehicles for 2 to 4 people. All vehicle categories come fully equipped. Please feel free to contact us for any more questions or organise a visit to our showroom.


Fully Equipped: All of our vehicles come fully equipped and ready to go. They come with brand new mattress, curtains, bedding, gas cooker and kitchen utensils.


Self Contained: A self contained camper means the vehicle comes with an upgraded layout that meets New Zealand self contained requirements. The camper is equipped to travel and stay in free designated locations around New Zealand. For more information feel free to contact the team at Elements World.


Perfect for Families or 2-5 people

(Suggested travel time 1-12 Months)


If you are travelling around New Zealand with your friends or family, this is the perfect vehicle to move around.  Our budget camper typically is a station (2000+) wagon. Offering 5 seats and all camping equipment included, our budget camper will give you the flexibility to travel around New Zealand in a kiwi-style roadtrip.


m1 (1).png


Travelling with comfort on a budget 

(Suggested travel time 1-12 months)


The Medium Camper is our budget self-contained option. These vehicles are self-contained for two people making your trip comfortable, affordable but also giving you access to all of those great freedom camping spots! Equipped with a basic kitchen, toilet and table facility, these really are perfect travelling vehicles for all those travelling on a budget. With these functions, our self contained camper van will give you access to more places than ever meaning you can go even further on your adventure and save you lots of money along the way!!!

Large Camper.png


Treat yourself to one of our premium campers!

(Suggested travel time 1-12 months)


If you are looking to travel with a little more style, look no further. Our Medium Premium is a bigger and improved interior model campervan. Also Self-Contained, it offers the same operational set up as our Medium Budget camper meaning you can travel to  all of those hidden locations in a more style 


$13,495 - $14,995

Not big enough? Try one of our Large Campers

(Suggested travel time 1-12 months)


Our Large campers are designed to give you that extra room which you may require! The possibility of adding a third seat, wider beds give you that option to travel in small groups of three or having heaps more room to yourselves! This camper comes with the option of customising the design allowing you to have the kitchen inside the van or at the front! The retro look of these vehicles can really add to your adventure!

Custom Camper.png

From $20,000

Want something different?

Build your own vehicle!


If you are looking for something a bit different or customized! Contact us with your ideas and designs! These can be anything from large category to huge vans! We have a team of skilled carpenters/builders who love a challenge! All you need to do is provide us with your choice of vehicle and your design idea and we can give you a quote!

Travelling with family or 3 + people?

Ideal for extra comfort and families.


If you are looking for all the comfort a motorhome can provide at an affordable price, this category is for you. All you need to do is provide us with your specifications and budget and we will take care of the rest. 

From $60,000 


We had a great experience with these guys! Bought a wonderful car (Toyota Estima; self-Contained) and drove through New Zealand.
After our trip, the buy back is no problem! Just make sure you do the correct service! Special thanks to Mylo for your great help!

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