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Elements Motors Trading Terms and Conditions


1. The Buyer will pay to the Vendor the purchase price in cleared funds on the settlement date.

2. Upon receipt of the purchase price in cleared funds, the Vendor will deliver the Vehicle into the possession of the Buyer. On delivery of possession, title to and risk in the Vehicle shall pass to the Buyer.

3. The Vendor warrants that on delivery of possession, the Vehicle shall pass to the Buyer free of all securities, liens and on-road costs.

4. The Vendor warrants to the best of the Vendor’s knowledge that the odometer reading reflects the actual distance travelled by the vehicle.

5. The Buyer acknowledges that: The Vehicle is sold on an “as is, where is” basis; The Buyer has fully inspected the Vehicle and purchases the same not upon the basis of any representation or warranty made by the Vendor other than that contained in clause 4 above; All representations or warranties (whether statutory, expressed or implied) except any which may not be excluded by law are expressly excluded, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose; and The Vendor shall not be liable to the Buyer for any damage or defects of any nature whatsoever in the Vehicle unless such damage or defects occurred between the date of this agreement and the settlement date in which event the Buyer shall have the option on the settlement date (time being of the essence) of cancelling this agreement whereupon the Vendor shall forthwith refund to the Buyer the deposit (if any) paid by the Buyer.

6. If the Buyer fails to pay the purchase price on the settlement date, the Vendor may cancel this

agreement, forfeit and retain the deposit paid by the Buyer and exercise all or any other rights available to the Vendor either at law or in equity arising from the Buyer breach of this agreement.

7. Elements Motors is a registered vehicle trading company which complies with the New Zealand Consumer Guarantee Act.

8. All vehicles traded by Elements Motors ownership must be transferred to new owners registration within 24 hours of the sale. Failure to do so will void all further contractual agreements.

9. Any deposit paid to secure a vehicle booking is non-refundable. 


Buy Back Terms and Conditions


1. Elements World Limited offers a ‘buy-back’ amount of up to 50% of the purchase total on each vehicle. The buyback offer will be calculated upon sale and be determined by contributing factors such as vehicle return date, Distance travelled with vehicle (KM’s), mechanical warranty option and contractual agreement.

2. The vehicle must be free from accident damage. This includes all new damage sustained since the vehicle was first handed over to the buyer. Elements Motors will have full mechanical reports and photos of the vehicle showing both the physical and mechanical condition of the vehicle prior to its sale.

3. The vehicle must pass a mechanical inspection and be free from mechanical faults. This includes all new mechanical faults sustained since the vehicle was first handed over to the buyer. Elements Motors will hold full mechanical reports of the condition of the vehicle prior to its sale to guarantee the vehicle matches the same mechanical condition when it returns.

4. The vehicle must be clean internally and externally. All vehicles which fail to return clean will be charged a $75.00 cleaning fee.

5. The vehicle must have undertaken a VTNZ Warrant of Fitness inspection. Reports must be provided to Elements Motors from VTNZ upon return.

6. The vehicle must be currently registered for a minimum of 3 months upon vehicle return.

7. The vehicle Buy Back option will be void if the odometer has been tampered with.

8. Any Road Users Charges attributed to the vehicle must be paid completely prior to contacting Elements Motors.

9. All vehicles qualifying for Buy-Back must have undertaken a Basic service every 5,000km from the purchase date. Elements Motors will request all invoices in relation to services performed. This service includes an Oil and Filter change. 

10. Elements World Limited will not be responsible for the loss of any personal possessions left behind in the vehicle on handover.

11. The vehicle and any accessories sold with the vehicle must be returned with the vehicle to Elements Motors upon Buy-Back settlement.

12. The registered buyer of the vehicle is the only person eligible to return the vehicle for the buyback procedure. 

13. The registered vehicle owner is the only authorised person eligible to return the vehicle to Elements Motors under the Buy-Back option. Elements Motors may request proof of both identity and vehicle ownership.

14. Any infringement notices must be fully paid prior to any Buy-Back settlement.


Elements Motors Extended Warranty T&C’s


1. Elements Motors offers an extended mechanical warranty on all vehicles sold. This service costs a fee of $1,000.00. This Mechanical warranty covers all mechanical faults on the Engine, Cooling System and transmission for 6 months or 20,000km depending on which comes first. If the customer does not make a claim under warranty they are able to claim a 50% ($500) refund at the end of the 6-month warranty period or 20,000km travelled.

2. Our extended warranty covers all mechanical faults on the Engine Cooling System and Transmission.

3. Extended mechanical warranty will cover repairs of up to $2,500.00. Any additional costs are to be covered by the customer.

4. All breakdowns qualifying for a claim under the extended warranty must have undertaken a basic service every 5,000km from the purchase date. Elements Motors will request all invoices in relation to services performed. This service includes an Oil and Filter change.

5. Upon purchase of our extended warranty, each customer will sign a contract to declare they are responsible for checking their water and oil levels on a daily basis. Elements Motors will provide training for this at the time of sale. This is to educate each customer on detecting Cooling System faults. By doing this the customer should be able to identify a fault quickly allowing them to prevent this problem damaging the engine.

6. The extended warranty does not cover mechanical failure if the fault is generated by damage sustained to the vehicle by driver negligence.  

7, All mechanical faults related to Engine Cooling System and Transmission must be reported to Elements World Limited within 24hours of the fault being detected. The customer will then have the option to repair this themselves or make a claim under warranty.

8. The extended warranty will become void if the odometer has been tampered with.

9. If a mechanical fault is detected at a service the customer must notify Elements World Limited within 24 hours. If faults are not reported to Elements World Limited, the extended warranty service will become void. The customer will then have the option to outsource this mechanical repair by themselves or claim this repair under the mechanical warranty.

10. Elements Motors will cover the first $200.00 of the towing cost if a breakdown occurs and it is covered, under our mechanical warranty. Anything after this is to be paid by the customer.

11. If a vehicle has undertaken any mechanical repairs which have not been reported to Elements Motors, the mechanical warranty will become void and no refunds will be available.

12. All customers are required to claim there $500 refund within four weeks of the warranty termination period. To claim your refund of $500.00, you must email stating that you would like to claim your $500.00 extended warranty refund and provide the necessary details for the financial transaction. 


Elements Motors U Park We Sell T&C’s


  1. Elements Motors offers a service called ‘U Park, We Sell’ which enables travellers to sell their vehicles for a higher value than the current market offers. The customer will bring their vehicle to the Elements World office in Auckland. We will then inspect the vehicle mechanically and make them a valuation offer. If the customer accepts, Elements World will buy the vehicle with a fixed amount of money. The customer will receive a 10% upfront payment, and then the remaining balance when the vehicle is sold by Elements Motors or by a set date. This product is designed to give travellers in New Zealand a way of selling their vehicles for an increased amount of money. 

  2. All customers will complete an online agreement that includes all of the agreement information and then sign a document which states the payment agreement.

  3. All offers with be calculated by Elements Motors and presented to the customer with the details.

  4. Elements Motors will take care of all of the transfer of ownership documentation which must be undertaken. This process will be completed within 24 hours of vehicle purchased.

  5. Elements Motors will do direct bank transfers. If the transfer goes overseas, the seller will cover the cost of this international transfer fee.

  6. Elements Motors will check if there any outstanding fee’s owed on the vehicle. If any debts are outstanding, they must be cleared before Elements Motors can purchase the vehicle.

  7. Elements World LTD will pay the remaining balance within 7 days of the vehicle sale date or the set date agreed.

  8. All vehicles qualifying must have a current WOF and at least 1 months of vehicle registration. 

If you have any questions regarding our  terms and conditions please contact us!

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