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5 Tips to Save Money during your New Zealand Trip

Traveling doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. If you do it right you don’t need as much money as expected before and not everyone wants to save money for ages to come to New Zealand. But what can you do when you want to travel on a small budget? Here are 5 tips how you are able to save lots of money really easily.

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1. Self-contained vehicle

Probably the cheapest way to travel is in a self-contained vehicle. With that you have the possibility to freedom camping which means staying overnight for free. The average for a camping site in New Zealand is ~$20 per night which is around $140 a week per person! Loads of money that you could save and this is just about where to stay. Also, it’s cheaper to make your own meals so cook in your self-contained vehicle.

2. Travelmate

Having some company is not only great fun but also cheaper because you can share the costs while you're traveling. This includes for example fuel, water and food and that’s pretty much all you need.

3. Free WiFi

Use free hotspots or Wifi during your trip. These are often available in Hostels, shopping malls and cafes. So if you want to buy a coffee use the Wifi there. Also in the bigger cities there are free Hotspots so keep your eyes open!

4. Self-service petrol stations

They are usually cheaper than normal petrol stations (around 10ct per litre). Make sure that you have your credit card with you because they don't take cash.

5. Food

Try to do your shopping at cheaper supermarkets. The cheapest one is PAK 'n SAVE where you can save around $20 - $30 per purchase (for a whole week). Also make your own meals instead of buying breakfast and so on. Imagine, if you buy breakfast and dinner everyday that will cost you around $260 a week! Better save that money and do some cooler stuff with it.

If you follow these tips saving money is guaranteed! So make the best out of your savings and have the time of your life.

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