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Pimp your Campervan

So you did it, sweet! You bought the campervan that makes you want to hit the road. You just got the key to your backpacker vehicle for next couple of months. Since that car is going to be your home on wheels for quite a while you might want to make it a bit more personal. Below are some ideas and tips to make your camper feel like home :)

Light 'em up!

At home, you'd probably use candles to make the room a bit more cozy. This might not be the best idea inside a campervan. However, some pretty Instagram-worthy fairy lights will do the trick! You can hang them up against the ceiling or a wall. Maybe you can add a couple of pictures, letters or cards. You can basically do anything!

Hang 'em up!

Sleeping in a campervan is, of course, not the same as in a personal and private room at home. However, there are ways to make it feel like yours. For instance, you can make it more private and even cozier with some curtains. The curtains will offer you the privacy and no one can look inside if you want to be alone. Go for colors, patterns or textured curtains. What about red ones with white polka dots, greens, or maybe even stars or stripes? Or even better, combine them with fairy lights! Just make sure to open the curtains before you hit the road! :)

Curtains in campervan

Lay 'm down!

Besides keeping you warm, the actual use of a blanket, it can also be an interior decorating piece to cozy up the space. Go for some layers. Get a thick knitted blanket in winter and take a thinner blanket or sheet with you in the summer heats. If you have a large campervan with a lot of space you can even get a rug! Pillows are also great way to give the room more color. You can mix and match and get different patterns and colors or you could keep it neat and clean and stay in the same color or pattern range.

Can it be budget proof, though?

Yes, it absolutely can! You don't have to spend loads on interior decorations. Pop into some stores and see what they offer. Take The Warehouse for example. Here you will find basically anything you need and want for a reasonable price! From decorative pieces over curtains, bedsheets, and pillows to cooking and bbq equipment. Kmart is also a great option to find real gems on a budget; they have everything you need. Definitely visit both if you want to decorate your campervan budget-proof-style.

Tips 'n Tricks

Washi tape is very handy if you would like to tape something against a wall or side, but you'd rather not glue them down or use tape. Washi tape is comparable to painting tape. You can get it loose from anything without damaging the surface of the object and the wall.

Try to stay as organized and clean as you possibly can. Use the cabins that you have in your campervan and optimize the space you have by using hooks for hanging bin bags or anything you would like to have hung up.

In need of more inspiration? Social media is the way to go. Take Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest for example. There are many Pins, Youtubers and Instagrammers that can help you along the way if you are looking for inspiration.

Looking for more ways than just saving money on pimping your campervan? Click here to find out more ways to save money on your adventures :)

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