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How to Find a Job in NZ

Being on a working holiday visa and need to find a job? Or planning your gap year in New Zealand and want to work? It might seem difficult at first but there are plenty of jobs available in New Zealand!

vine orchard

Before finding a job

Get an IRD number! This is a unique tax number given to you by the Inland Revenue Department in NZ so that you can pay the correct taxes as you work. Without an IRD number, you could be paying up to 46,7% of your wage on taxes. Get it ASAP when you're planning to work. You will need: a valid passport, proof of your NZ bank account number, your tax number from home, proof of your intended activity in NZ and access to the internet as you can do that online.

Finding a job

You need a current CV which you can already send online before arriving in NZ. Once you arrived, print some and introduce yourself face-to-face to employers! Also look at supermarket or hostel job boards, newspapers and bulletins for job listings and apply as soon as possible.

As well as this, there are job agencies or recruitment agencies, which are paid by employers to find a perfect match for a job role. You just need to fill out an online profile, upload your current CV, confirm that you have an IRD number and confirm that you have a NZ bank account.

A few online recruitment agencies are: Tradestaff, Helping Hands, SSCO, Quinn Staff Recruiters, Personnel Placements and there are also some shops in the cities. Take some time to find a place that best suits your needs.

Work New Zealand

Working Holiday jobs

1. Horticulture (orchard and vineyard work)

This is one of the easiest working holiday visa jobs to get, especially during the picking season. It's a huge industry in NZ with a wealth of fruit orchards and vineyards covering the country.

2. Farm work

In addition to it's horticulture, NZ has a big agricultural industry, especially in dairy farming.

3. Hostel work

"Work for accommodation" requires a couple of hours of housekeeping a day in exchange for a free bed in the hostel or get a paid position to work at the reception.

4. Retail work

Working at a shop could be easy when you're good at dealing with customers and have a little bit of past experience.

5. Hospitality

There are plenty of hospitality jobs available. It covers the work of serving in restaurants/bars/cafes and bar-tending. In urban areas, particularly in tourist areas during the busy summer season (December to February) it's easy to find one. However, barista jobs require a lot of past experience!

6. Fundraising

You need to be able to walk up to random people on the street and ask for money. Make sure the charity is trustworthy and that you get a base salary plus commission!

7. Tourism

A solid CV and a good interview is required as well as past experience.

8. Ski field work

It's seasonal from the end of autumn to beginning of spring. You can work in hospitality, as a lift operator or parking warden. Many other jobs there require experience and qualifications such as ski instructors and ski patrols.

9. Au Pair

Also known as childcare, it is the most common job for young people from Europe. Experience the Kiwi family life, get free +food, an accommodation and a wage.

10. Construction work

With a huge amount of building development across the country, as well as the rebuild from the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes, helping hands are badly required!

This should cover everything that you need to know to get you started on your journey to finding the right job for you! There are many options out there. So go for it and get the one that you like and enjoy NZ!

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