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What to bring for your New Zealand adventure

Going overseas for a longer time means to decide which things you'll take with you and which you'd rather leave at home! So how can you prepare for your trip to New Zealand without forgetting about something important? And especially, what should you know about NZ in advance?

The main thing you care about are of course clothes.

New Zealand has a famous saying: "4 seasons in a day" so be prepared and pack some layers which are also useful for cold and rainy days. Pack as light as possible and remember there are washing machines nearly everywhere at every accommodation!

Leave unnecessary stuff at home and there is no need to pack 10 of the same item.

It's often too windy for an umbrella so pack instead a waterproof jacket.

The right visa is important as well.

The Tourist Visa is usually activated automatically upon entry to NZ for most countries. With this visa you can stay up to 3 months. If you don't want to work and just want to travel through NZ and have a good time, this might be the right one for you.

Do you want to work? The Working Holiday Visa allows you to work but is just valid for one year and ONCE in your LIFE! So be careful if you just want to stay for 2 or 3 months and think about it if it's worth it.

Travel insurance

ACC just partly covers accidental injury medical bills. If you want to have the extra peace of mind you might want to get an additional insurance. Especially when you're going to camp and hike a great amount of time: better be safe!


You need to have of course your passport when you're coming to NZ. As well as this, if you're planning to drive you should have your drivers license. If this one is not written in English it should be accompanied by an International Driving Permit.

Also, there are just 3 valid forms of ID to buy alcohol: your passport, the Hospitality New Zealand 18+ Card and a New Zealand Drivers license. If you don't want to risk losing your passport you should apply for the 18+ Card. You can get an application form from any post office.


You're able to withdraw cash at an ATM of which are plenty in the city. When you're paying with a credit card there will be a small fee. If you're staying for a few months you can save heaps of money by opening a NZ bank account.


There are just a few free WiFi spots in NZ which are mostly in accommodations, libraries and some cafes in the largest cities. So download GPS maps onto your phone when you have WiFi!

If you plan to use your phone a lot get a NZ SIM card where you can choose a prepay option.

If you consider all of these tips and information, you should be well prepared for your trip to New Zealand. Enjoy it!

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